Christina Roach - Our Featured "Empowered Woman"

Diana Herbert

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Meet Christina Roach, our featured "Empowered Woman".  Christina is the founder of the My Balanced Style group on Facebook, fashion influencer on LikeToKnowIt, teacher, mother of 3, wife to a fellow teacher and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 4 years ago.  Wow, did you just read all of that!?  I know, this cannot be a real person.  But, I swear she IS in fact real and put on this earth to make an impact any way she can. Christina's My Balanced Style group is a place to find all the best deals on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle finds from favorite online...

Kimberly LaRussa - Our Featured "Empowered Woman"

Diana Herbert

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Meet Kimberly LaRussa, our featured "Empowered Woman".  Kim is the founder and creator of Sweet Buffalo blog and Sweet Buffalo Rocks.  She is a unique individual in the way she is able to be so kind, fearless and selfless all at the same time.  As you read through her story, you will see how she never allows life to control her.  Instead, she finds opportunity in every setback and turns it into something amazing.  She has the trait of perseverance like no other.  Lucky for the rest of us, Kim's perseverance and determination translates into spreading positivity and kindness through...

Danielle Nyhart - Our Featured "Empowered Woman"

Diana Herbert

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Meet Danielle Nyhart, our featured "Empowered Woman".  She is the winner of our contest in which her peers nominated and voted for her to show how much she has impacted their lives.  Danielle is the owner of Dani-fit fitness studio based out of Buffalo, New York. In 2011 she began teaching a fitness class at a small studio in Armor NY, which then blossomed enough to open her own studio in 2012.   Dani-Fit offers group classes, childcare, personal training, and overall happy health management.  She prides on the studio's welcoming atmosphere, and relationships built between the determined men and...

Kate Glaser - Our Featured "Empowered Woman"

Diana Herbert

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      Meet Kate Glaser, our featured “Empowered Woman”.  Kate is as gracious, kind, and passionate as they come.  She lives her life to serve others and does so with a humble heart that leaves you feeling hopeful.  Her role within Make-A-Wish Foundation helps to change the lives of children who need hope and support in fighting life-threatening illnesses.  Her experience in journalism and on-air reporting has given a voice to those who have important messages to share with the world. Outside of her professional careers, she also participates in many other charitable activities and organizations.       When...

Alyson Zoratti - Our Featured "Empowered Woman"

Diana Herbert

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Meet Alyson Zoratti, our featured “Empowered Woman”.  Aly is a role model and inspiration to women in all walks of life.  She is the down to earth, genuine, hardworking soul that exudes positivity and strength in every encounter.  Learn more about Aly's journey into what led her to become a successful Physician Assistant in cardiac surgery while balancing life, love, and family.  Aly and her husband Paul are expecting their first child this fall! Aly is wearing our Spring Floral Kimono   Tell me a little about how you got to where you are today in your career/personal life.       ...